Beike History

Beike is a Chinese biotechnology company with main offices in Shenzhen (near Hong Kong) and Taizhou. Beike’s stem cell research and clinical applications were developed starting in the 1990s. Over 60 PhDs from leading Chinese universities contributed to advancing Beike’s treatment technologies. Many of Beike’s scientists also have experience at leading Western universities, including Stanford, the University of Minnesota, and UCLA.

The first patient (happening to be diagnosed with ALS) to be treated with Beike processed cells was in 2001. Over 200 patients participated in studies and were treated between 2001 to 2005 in order to determine treatment efficacy for a small number of end-stage and otherwise incurable diseases. Beike was incorporated in July 2005 and has since provided partner hospitals with stem cells for the treatment of over 20,000 patients. Beike currently maintains 25 laboratories for both research and cell processing for clinical use and has received over US$6 million in government grants. We even had the honor of welcoming Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao for a tour of our Shenzhen facilities in August of 2010.

Unlike many stem cell treatment clinics, Beike itself is a dedicated research organization. Our vigor for helping patients extends far beyond simply using stem cells for clinical treatments based on other’s research. Beike extends its actual scientific research into cell technologies, and Beike has been one of the world leaders in this important research. This allows Beike’s treatment protocols and stem cell processing to not only be guided by third-party research, but also their own. Beike has almost 50 published peer-reviewed research papers in scientific journals around the world (such as Nature) and has spent tens of millions over the past decade on scientific laboratories and cell research.

Since 2005, Beike has provided partner hospitals with stem cells for the treatment of over 20,500 patients. Beike currently provides more than 30 hospitals with umbilical cord, cord blood, and bone marrow-derived stem cells for the treatment of neurological and vascular diseases. Being the provider, Beike is able to maintain full oversight over cell manufacturing, from the testing of blood products, to cell processing at our laboratories, to delivery of the cells for clinical use. This ensures cell safety and quality. Beike also works closely with our partner hospitals in evolving treatment protocols and patient care. Each partner hospital maintains Beike staff to assist patients both with the treatment and with general needs during the hospital stay.