Beike Biotechnology Produces High-dose Adult Stem Cell Packets for Degenerative Conditions

High-dose Stem Cell packet
Beike Biotechnology, the world’s largest stem cell provider, has begun the production of ‘high-dose’ umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cell packets containing no less than 50 million cells per pack. This new product could significantly reduce the time and cost of stem cell research and therapies, especially in the case of degenerative conditions such as Ataxia, Motor Neuron Disease, Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis without affecting the treatment efficacy. The high dose stem cell protocol has been used in Beike sponsored clinical trials and was the basis for Beike’s published systemic lupus erythamatosus study.

Beike researchers found that stem cell treatments typically require a lengthy stay for the patients, as protocols for treating chronic conditions call for 6-8 injections in a single treatment. If an intrathecal injection is required this significantly extends the length of stay for patients as recovery time is extended based on injection method. A protocol that utilizes Beike’s new high-dose stem cell packets would require less injections to reach the prescribed dosage of cells entering the body. For patients suffering from degenerative conditions regular stem cell treatments have been shown to consistently slow the disease progression and relieve symptoms. A shorter treatment could mean further access to these therapies.

Cost is another major factor for patients suffering from chronic diseases. These conditions usually require expensive medications and rehabilitation. Less injections allows for a cheaper overall treatment for patients and researchers alike, allowing for not only more opportunity for those fighting chronic conditions, but more opportunity for research around the world. Beike Biotechnology hopes that as stem cell research and therapies become more common, it also becomes readily available to those who need it.

Beike Biotechnology is the world’s largest stem cell provider and manufacturer of umbilical cord derived adult stem cell products. For treatment options you can visit Stem Cell Treatment Now