Beike Biotechnology Upgrades Its Processing and Cryopreservation Technology to Expedite Advancements in Stem Cell Therapies


ThermoGenesis and Beike

ThermoGenesis and Beike partner to upgrade facilities.

Beike and ThermoGenesis Intend to Establish a “Center of Excellence” Showcase in Taizhou City

TAIZHOU, China, March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Beike Biotechnology Co. Ltd. (“Beike”) (, China’s leading stem cell research and regenerative medicine company, announced an agreement with USA-based ThermoGenesis Corp. to employ new, cutting edge stem cell processing and storage technology across its adult stem cell collection, processing, and archive platform.
Under the arrangement, which underscores Beike’s strategic commitment to upgrading its current technology and clinical research capabilities, Beike becomes the first company in the People’s Republic of China to secure the rights to the AXP and BioArchive Cord Blood systems. AXP® is a proprietary family of automated devices used for the processing of cord blood; the BioArchive® System is an automated cryogenic device used to archive cord blood stem cell units for transplant.
Beike Chairman Dr. Hu Xiang commented, “Beike already is one of the leading providers of adult stem cell therapies in the world today, but if we are to remain on the cutting edge of regenerative medicine, we must always look for ways to innovate and improve. This investment in state of the art processing and cryopreservation technology will pave the way for scientific breakthroughs that will usher in the next generation of stem cell therapies.”
In collaboration with ThermoGenesis, Beike plans to develop a fully automated amplification process of umbilical cord, cord blood, and other mesenchymical stem cells. Additionally, the new technology will allow for further research into the use of cryopreservation technology for various types of tissue. As part of this effort, Beike and ThermoGenesis intend to establish a “Center of Excellence” showcase in Beike’s Taizhou, Jiangsu province stem cell facility located in the China Medical City(CMC) that will provide technical training, scientific guidance, and other related technical services. Under the terms of the agreement, Beike will have the first right to implement newly developed ThermoGenesis ‘s stem cell processing technology in the People’s Republic of China.
Dr. Hu stated, “With this important international partnership, we hope to promote Beike’s role as a truly global company. Through technology and research, we will further demonstrate the safety and efficacy of our therapies for patients throughout the world, and ThermoGenesis Corp. promises to be an invaluable partner in this effort.”
The agreement between Beike and ThermoGenesis was memorialized at a signing ceremony held recently at Beike’s Taizhou stem cell facility in China Medical City. Present at the ceremony were, Beike Group President Yesheng Qin, Beike Chief Scientist Dr. Song Yunqing, ThermoGenesis Vice President of Commercial Operations Harold Baker, ThermoGenesis Asia Pacific Director of Customer Operations Zhu Haihong, as well as several other executives of both companies.

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