Beike Biotech Celebrates 9 Years of Incorporation

On Friday July 18th Beike Biotech celebrated its 9th year as an incorporated company. In honor of this day all staff wore a red Beike shirt in order to show our unity through the 9 years.

In the Biotechnology world, 9 years is a healthy age, and Beike continues to prove why we are the world’s largest stem cell provider, and a leader in regenerative medicine. Beike will continue to find new initiatives, research partners, and potential treatment options.

Beike has accomplished much in these 9 years. From being the first Chinese blood bank certified by the American Association of Blood Banks, to our recent application acceptance to the Chinese Food and Drug Administration (, Beike is consistently improving the availability and quality of stem cells and regenerative therapies.

During Beike’s anniversary meeting, founder Dr. Sean Hu was adamant that while we have done a lot of good, we need to continue our advancements and pursue our mission to treat currently incurable diseases.

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Robert Grey
Intl. Marketing Manager