Beike Hosts Functional Medicine-based Gluten & Food Intolerance Seminar in Hong Kong

Nigel Abraham, Functional Medicine expert gives keynote speech on food and gluten intolerance

On May 28th, 2015 Beike Biotechnology teamed up with Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Ltd., (CNS) and Healthy Living Asia to provide Hong Kong-based healthcare professionals with a seminar titled “Understanding and Testing for Gluten and Food Intolerance”. The aim of the event was to clarify the complex field of coeliac disease, food allergies and food intolerances through discussion of the science and mechanisms behind these conditions.

Introduced at the seminar was the world’s first and only point of care test for detecting IgG antibody reactions to food named ‘Food Detective’ as well as a rapid test for diagnosing Coeliac disease. These products can quickly test a patient for the 49 most common food intolerances in just 40 minutes with clinical accuracy. With the amount of research pointing towards diet as a key factor in chronic conditions, Beike Biotechnology earnestly got behind this project to educate, open a dialogue, and aid the local community in providing better systemic care for their patients.

Food Detective: Easy to use food IgG antibody self-test with immediate results.

Coeliac Screen: Test for the detection of human anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies in whole blood.

The keynote speaker of this event was Nigel Abraham, a leading UK specialist and lecturer in the fields of immunology and allergy. Nigel originally trained in pathology at St. Georges Medical School and went on to study Immunology at the University of Surrey. A specialist in allergy and hormones who has been involved in extensive research in the field of allergic disease and salivary hormone diagnostics, Nigel Abraham is one of the most experienced and well known Functional Medicine professionals in the UK. As part of the continuing professional development for practitioners, Nigel lectures in Allergy, Hormones, Digestive Pathology and metabolism at various universities including the University of Westminster, Surrey University (Centre for Nutritional Education), University of Luton (Institute for Optimal Nutrition), University College London (British College of Nutritional Health), Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health.
Nigel has been involved in many research projects and has published a number of scientific papers.

The focus of his speech was the important difference between allergy and intolerance, and specifically the differences between IgE (classic food allergy where one needs to avoid the food for life) and IgG which is more accurately termed an intolerance where the foods are not well tolerated by the immune system and thus may ultimately lead to various chronic conditions.

The event was attended by nearly 100 healthcare professional from Hong Kong including doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, and biomedical professionals. After the informative keynote speech, a Q&A was held to continue the discussion and seek out what challenges were faced on a daily basis at the patient level. Many of the guests were quick to share their opinion and advice and contributed greatly to the success of the event. From Beike’s view, this event will hopefully lead to better understanding of the systemic problems the general public is facing as well as better service for patients with food intolerance.

If you are a registered dietitian or medical profession seeking more information regarding ‘Food Detective’ please contact [email protected].