The Three Pillars of Cell Therapy

Cell therapy is the future of medicine

The quest for the fountain of youth has been prevalent throughout history. Thus, it is unsurprising that current research is being undertaken to understand the process of aging and to battle chronic conditions that shorten our life span.

Beike Biotechnology has a long history of providing stem cells and protocols for a range of procedures for our three main fields: anti-aging, immunology and stem cell treatments.


The new progressions in the field of anti-aging look promising, and may also result in a longer lifespan for humans. The human body contains strands of DNA, or chromosomes, the ends of which are capped with a telomere. These “caps” of telomere protect DNA, thus preventing the process of aging. However, the human body is designed to live for a finite period because telomeres decrease in size with time. As the human body ages, the ability to repair itself slowly diminishes.

Scientists have discovered a way to increase the length of telomeres, which consequently reverses the aging process. Experiments involving stem cells have been performed on laboratory rats to extend their lifetime. These studies have shown that cell growth can be improved through replication of stem cells, thus allowing them to perform varying functions within the body. Cells are able to repair themselves, thus rejuvenating the body to some extent. By adding undifferentiated stem cells into the body, the telomere can be extended to prevent the aging process.

At Beike, our efforts in this field are currently aimed at providing quality of life improvement for research and protocols focused around general health and beauty, utilising adult stem cells for arthritis, torn meniscuses, breast augmentation, and hair rejuvenation, to name a few.


Cancer is a disease that affects around 14 million people worldwide per year. The primary cure thus far for cancer has been chemotherapy. However, current research involving cell therapies are changing the way this fatal disease is treated. This phenomenon is called immunotherapy, and utilises the patient’s own immune system in combination with man made components to target cancers. This method kick starts the immune cells to attack tumours and infected cells within the body.

The responses from patients treated by immunotherapy so far have been positive. Some patients are those who were previously treated unsuccessfully by chemotherapy, or even turned away because they were told they had no hope.

Beike Biotechnology’s exciting acquisition of ALT-803 means that the company are able to develop this immunotherapeutic agent that activates immune cells against hematologic and solid tumours, and virally infected cells. Immunotherapy is a giant leap in the field of cancer treatment and the future looks promising.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell research has an emphasis on adult stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood and tissue. Beike’s adult stem cells are obtained from umbilical cord blood and are then able to differentiate into different cell types. These stem cells are used to target conditions such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, ALS/MND, various optic conditions, and muscular dystrophy.

Beike Biotechnology is a leader in the field of anti-aging, immunotherapy, stem cell research and banking. Cell therapies have already changed many lives worldwide and will continue to change even more in future.

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